Our Consulting Services

At Raven Consulting and Community Services, we offer a variety of consulting services to those representing or in need of representation for family matters and child services. Learn more about our services below and contact us to learn more about how we can help your case.


RCCS offers specialized consulting services for law firms representing parents, kinship family members, or organizations in complex tort, criminal, child custody, claims of enmeshment or alienation, and abuse litigation.

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Ethics & Standards
of Care

Our team has years of experience in professional responsibility, ethics, standards of care, licensure, and duties to clients and other professionals in the social work, psychology, mental health, and legal professions.

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Guardian ad litem Best Practices

Many child custody and child protection proceedings move forward with a GAL appointed to represent the best interest of the child. Our experience as GALs in complex and difficult child custody cases provides us with insight and strategies.

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Professional Supervision & Peer Review

As licensed professionals, we work in complex and highly conflicted child custody, tort, criminal, and other forensic and legal matters. Supervision can benefit psychologists, lawyers, GALs, social workers, forensic mental health professionals and more.

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